03 Aug 2023

Myerson Solicitors launches free property portal

MSI's Northern UK member Myerson Solicitors, a leading UK law firm, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new property portal, a comprehensive online platform that brings together a wealth of property-related information, resources, and services.

The portal aims to serve professionals and clients who have a keen interest in all aspects of the property industry, providing them with valuable resources and tools to stay informed and manage their portfolios effectively.

The Myerson Property Portal is free to access and offers a wide range of features designed to cater to the needs of property investors and professionals alike. Users can access an extensive collection of useful documents, guides, videos, and webinars, providing invaluable insights and industry knowledge. Additionally, the portal offers the latest legal property news and blogs, ensuring users stay up to date with the dynamic landscape of the legal real estate market.

One of the key highlights of the Property Portal is the exclusive Client Area, specifically designed for Myerson Property Clients. This dedicated space offers a bespoke service, allowing clients to efficiently manage their personal property matters and securely store and access their deeds and important documents. Myerson Solicitors prioritises client satisfaction and aims to provide an efficient and secure platform for their clients' needs.

Moreover, the Property Portal serves as a central hub for information on Myerson's upcoming events. Users can easily access details about seminars, workshops, and other property-related events organised by the firm. Booking a place for these events can be done directly through the portal, offering a seamless experience for those seeking to expand their knowledge and professional network.

Joanne Perritt, Partner and Head of the Commercial Property Department at Myerson expressed her excitement about the launch of the Property Portal. She said, "We are thrilled to introduce the Property Portal as a comprehensive resource for professionals and clients in the property sector. This platform reflects our commitment to providing valuable information and efficient services to our clients. We believe that the Property Portal will revolutionise the way professionals engage with property-related resources and enable our clients to manage their portfolios more effectively."

Sign Up To The Property Portal For Free

Myerson Solicitors invites professionals and individuals interested in the property industry to sign up for free and visit the Property Portal at https://www.myerson.co.uk/property-portal and explore the wealth of resources, news, and services available.