Outsourcing: The changing face of employment

This white paper by MSI's New Delhi accounting member Enablizer explores 'Outsourcing' as a solution to the growing demands for businesses to provide round-the-clock support to their clients.

The Threat : Automation

Automation is taking over jobs in ways not seen since the Industrial Revolution. There is no industry that is unaffected. Artificial intelligence is quickly replacing the need for human staffed contact centers. A.I. chatbots can help someone who is having a problem by opening how-to and self-help pages.

However, the interpretation of "business process" has been completely revised.

  • Customer service-related inbound and outbound calls are no longer included in the definition.
  • Services now have evolved to include animation, graphics design, software development, engineering consulting, staffing services and accounting. All the others, except the last, demand advanced human thinking.
  • Accounting software are taking the place of entry-level accountants, but Humans will always be a part of the process due to changing tax laws and compliance requirements. CPAs are now consultants for companies that make accounting software.
  • Automation will, however, open up a whole new world of opportunities, just as the Industrial Revolution did. Since the job market is still in its growing stage, it is difficult for us to predict how it will expand.

The Wave of Globalization

Outsourcing began when organizations desired to provide round-the-clock support to their customers.

It was challenging to find customer service representatives who could work at night, but They took the right opportunity given by low cost geographies. They determined that cost savings were significant enough to shift their entire operations to an offshore location.

Businesses are no longer restricted to local talent pools to fill their hiring requirements, which presents a significant opportunity for both employers and employees. Additionally, workers can look for remote work to increase their earning potential and make the most of their skills without moving or migrating.

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