16 Feb 2024

The Women in Law Initiative: Inspiring female legal professionals

The Women in Law Initiative connects female* legal professionals (and their male* allies) from all around the globe, organizes international conferences, and presents the annual Justitia Awards.

The nomination period for the Justitia Awards, the gateway to recognizing outstanding women in the legal industry, has opened once again. From January 15 to March 31, 2024, people worldwide can nominate inspiring female legal professionals in three categories:

1.    Leader / Lifetime Award
2.    Academia
3.    Game Changers / Pioneers / Young Achievers

Inspiring female legal professionals

The Justitia Awards are a true honor. They are a tribute to women's remarkable work and dedication in various legal professions. Anyone can nominate their colleagues, role models, or themselves, from lawyers to judges to activists. The Justitia Awards provide a platform for women who have enriched the legal landscapes with their contributions. 
The Justitia Awards are a celebration of achievements and an encouragement for the future. By nominating outstanding women in the legal field, you contribute to making their impressive accomplishments known to a broader audience and emphasizing the importance of gender equality in the legal world. 

This is your chance to highlight their legal brilliance and amplify their impactful contributions to the world. By participating in the nomination process for the Justitia Awards, you have the power to cast a spotlight on those who have dedicated their lives to shaping the legal landscape. Seize this opportunity to share their stories, to celebrate their triumphs, and to inspire others with their remarkable journey. In casting your nomination, you become a part of a collective effort to honor and preserve the legacies of outstanding women in law.

The Justitia Awards 2024 nominations can be submitted through the official website justitia-award.at. Preparations for the upcoming Justitia Awards Gala, scheduled for September 13, 2024, in Vienna, are already in full swing. Tickets for the conference and gala can be purchased on the website. 

Join and let us collectively honor these remarkable women! Their stories are a source of inspiration and a call for continuous support and recognition of female excellence.

Submit your nominations here: Justitia Awards 2024 

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'The Women in Law Initiative' was founded by MSI's Austrian law member Alix Frank Attorneys. For more information, visit: https://www.womeninlawconference.at/