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About Us

Area Representatives

MSI’s Area Representatives comprise the Management Board and play an important role in providing a link between members and the MSI Secretariat. They also have a role in identifying potential new member firms in their respective regions and in advising on the association’s future strategy.

North America

Tom Harrison

Ohio, USA

Contact Tom

Alan Kolod

New York, USA

Contact Alan

Irene McNutt

Florida, USA

Contact Irene

Arlene O'Neill

Ontario, Canada

Contact Arlene

Leslie Sobol

California, USA

Contact Leslie

Steven Weiss

Illinois, USA

Contact Steven

Latin America

Creuza Coelho

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Contact Creuza

Diana Sanclemente

Bogota, Colombia

Contact Diana

Marcela Trujillo Zepeda

Mexico City, Mexico

Contact Marcela

Asia Pacific

Anil Bhalla

New Delhi, India

Contact Anil

Stuart Wagschall

Sydney, Australia

Contact Stuart

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Siddharth Ravi

Sharjah, UAE

Contact Siddharth

Jarkko Ruohola

Helsinki, Finland

Contact Jarkko

Philippe A. Schmidt

Paris, France

Contact Philippe