MSI Month Awards

We are excited to recognise and celebrate the outstanding efforts of our members through the MSI Month Awards. 
Each entry will be evaluated based on its originality, impact, and alignment with the goals of MSI Month. Winners will be celebrated at our International Conference in Amsterdam this October, and will receive recognition and prizes for their contributions.

Award categories

  • Innovation:  This category recognises creativity and forward-thinking, particularly in leveraging new technologies or social media to engage members and clients.
  • Collaboration: This category acknowledges efforts that foster stronger partnerships, enhance cooperation and teamwork within and across member firms, or with clients.
  • Going beyond borders: This category recognises initiatives that enhance global connections and promote cross-border collaboration.
  • Community engagement: This category recognises initiatives that make a significant impact on the wider community beyond the professional circles of member firms.

How to enter the MSI Month Awards

To participate in the awards competition, please follow these steps:

  1. Document your MSI Month activity: Capture photos and gather materials that highlight your MSI Month activities. Write a summary that details your initiative, including the objectives, execution, and outcomes.
  2. Submit your entry: Send your summary, photos, and any other supporting materials to Pauline Rottstock  in the MSI Secretariat.

    Entries will close on Friday, 4th October 2024.