09 Feb 2024

Invicta Law Firm announces partner promotions

MSI's Czech law firm member, INVICTA Law Firm, is delighted to announce that Kamila Janoušková and Milan Prieložný have been the first attorneys in the history of the law firm to be promoted to partner.


Martin Mládek, founder and managing partner of INVICTA Law Firm states: “I founded Invicta Law Firm with the aim to build a prestigious law firm specialising in construction law and related areas. Milan Prieložný was one of the first members of the team. Kamila Janoušková began working with us in mid-2019. Both of them are a major asset to clients and the law firm, proving on a daily basis that their legal expertise, experience and leadership abilities are exceptional. I therefore offered them the positions of partners in the middle of last year. I was very pleased that they accepted the offer.”


Kamila Janoušková graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. She has been practising law since 2012 and gained her first experience as a legal assistant in a law firm specialising in civil and commercial law, with an emphasis on corporate law and litigation. After graduation, she worked briefly in the civil law department of the legislative department of the Ministry of Justice and continued her practice in a law firm and started working as a junior attorney.

Kamila, who has been an attorney-at-law since 2019, comments: “The position of partner at the firm is both an award and commitment. I believe it will allow me to further develop our main specialities, real estate transactions and corporate law.” Kamila Janoušková remarks and continues: “I also see several new opportunities. One of them is the area of the Family Office, which my colleagues and I have been working on for quite some time. Furthermore, I will continue to encourage my team, which is always a great support for our clients and myself.”


Milan Prieložný has been an attorney-at-law since 2015. He has vast experience in the areas of real estate, construction law, litigation, commercial law with an emphasis on corporate law, and law of obligations. After graduating from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, he was part of a prominent Czech law firm Glatzová & Co. for more than four years. He started working with INVICTA Law Firm shortly after its foundation in 2016.

Milan comments: “Martin Mládek and I have been discussing forming a partnership structure for a long time, and the time was right in 2023. I accepted the offer to become a partner at the law firm with great joy, but also with humility. I am convinced that our promotion indicates to other colleagues a clear intention of the law firm to further develop.”

Milan reflects on the importance of partnerships in law firms and continues: “I manage the construction and litigation teams. Construction law, in particular, has been developing very dynamically recently. Everyone must have heard about the new Building Act. I intend to use the potential of the partner position to further expand this agenda as well as to establish the law firm in new areas such as renewable energy sources, community energy or ESG.”

Since its foundation in 2016, INVICTA Law Firm has been growing steadily both in terms of revenue and the number of clients. The scope of specialisations is also expanding. Currently, the team of 20 provides services to dozens of real estate developers, construction companies, investment funds focused on real estate, cities and municipalities. The team has successfully completed hundreds of real estate development projects, ranging from standalone residential buildings to the construction of new urban districts.

INVICTA provides comprehensive legal services, from the acquisition of land, including large development sites of hundreds of thousands of square metres, extensive building permit proceedings and contract documentation, to the sale or lease of ready-to-use units. Furthermore, the law firm advises on all related legal issues such as mergers, transformations or litigation. The experience includes the construction of photovoltaic and wind farms, with a recent focus on community energy and ESG.

INVICTA Law Firm has been regularly ranked in the prestigious international legal directory Legal500 since 2018. The founder of the law firm Martin Mládek and partner Milan Prieložný are among the lawyers recommended by Legal500 year after year for their expertise in real estate and corporate law.

In 2023, INVICTA Law Firm became a member of the MSI Global Alliance, an international association of independent law and accounting firms in more than 100 countries around the world.


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