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Case Studies

Drawing on their wealth of combined experience, our accounting, legal and advisory member firms can deliver multidisciplinary solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our member firms will ensure your international business requirements are covered from every angle. View our case studies and success stories here.

MSI member assists multinational company set up in Mexico

A referral between MSI members in USA and Mexico helped a multinational manufacturing company set up a subsidiary in Mexico.

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MSI member firms collaborate to assist client with time sensitive transaction

By working in international partnership, three MSI Global Alliance members helped UK directors complete a time sensitive sale of shares in an Australian subsidiary.

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Swiss accounting firm manages complex international due diligence through MSI Global Alliance

When a Swiss accounting firm was asked to advise on a client’s acquisition of a company in Switzerland, MSI Global Alliance members assisted to complete the work effectively.

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American law firm helps global food industry supplier with international acquisition

When a global company wanted to extend its credit facility to fund a planned acquisition, MSI members around the world worked together to deliver a successful outcome.

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MSI members combine to provide cross-border tax advice for private client

When a successful business executive sought a relocation package to Europe, two MSI Global Alliance members worked together to provide cross-border tax advice and enable the client to make a fully informed decision.

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US law firm identifies partner for due diligence in Norway

Acting for a U.S. client interested in buying a Norwegian company, American law firm Weston Hurd used its membership of the MSI Global Alliance to secure a Norwegian due diligence partner.

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American accounting firm organises cross-country audit procedures for national client

A Florida-based accounting firm was asked to conduct a fixed-asset observation more than 1,100 miles from its base. However, a fellow MSI Global Alliance member quickly came to the rescue.

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Resolving a property dispute in the United States

Despite facing severe time pressures, an MSI Global Alliance member’s expertise ensured a positive outcome when its client was facing a real estate dispute in the United States.

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Accounting firms help client centralise its finance function across Europe

By working in international partnership, two MSI Global Alliance members helped a global coffee company centralise its accounting function and pave the way for further international expansion.

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Australian lawyer serves summons on elusive witness in the UK

When an Australian law firm needed to serve a summons on an uncooperative witness in the UK, an MSI Global Alliance member 12,000 miles away proved crucial.

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Accounting firms join forces to provide cross-border tax advice for Chinese non-profit organisation

Two MSI member firms worked together to provide cross-border tax advice and helped a Chinese client register an international association in Munich.

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